Further Arts is a not-for-profit organisation using arts and culture as a vehicle for social transformation, we also house a grassroots community media studio called Nesar Studio.

During Cyclone Pam our office was severely damaged along with all of our equipment.

Our main goal at this time is to help friends and partners throughout the islands to ensure they have food and shelter.

Our organisational mission is however to develop and promote Vanuatu artists and musicians, their products, and other cultural activities both within Vanuatu and overseas.

We are looking for assistance to rebuild our office, continue to grow our arts and cultural work and to use these to assist the people of Vanuatu on the long road back to recovery. This is an opportunity for us, along with our partners, to focus our work and ensure that the stories, art and performances of local people are not forgotten in this tragedy and that their capacity for sharing with the world is not diminished.

Your help and assistance is greatly appreciated and we encourage you to not only explore the great rewards available but also the great work of Further Arts available at our website here.

If you are unable to make a donation at this time we still appreciate you visiting the site and hope that you may 'like' our Facebook page and share our campaign with friends, family and the world.

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